Meet Your Editors: Adriana

Hello Readers, my name is Adriana, one your “Even If Your Voice Shakes” editors and contributors. I’m 5’1, concentrating in writing, and passionate about pizza. This year, I hope to bring you stories and essays that reflect my own struggles with identity and encourage those of you with stories of your own to submit to this blog. Whether it’s race or gender oriented, class or creed, personal or public, know that your voice matters. With that said, I will always be in the process of educating myself. I’m not afraid of being wrong, so please let me—and the other editors—know when we do mess up. We’re here to listen to you. And if there’s ever a particular topic of discussion that maybe you feel you cannot write about yourself but do want discussed here, tell us about it. We’ll make it a priority of ours that whatever you’re passionate about gets a seat at the table.

Here’s to all of us, our voices, and a new year!

Yours truly,




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