Real Talk hosts interactive dialogues to help SLC understand issues of identity and social justice both on and off campus. During Fall semester, Real Talk has several discussions and workshops planned. Come Spring, weekly discussions will be held.

The four facilitators, returning students and their graduate assistant advisor are pretty thrilled to be hosting community dialogues over the course of the next ten months. Join us and meet them!

L-R: Ana De La Rosa, Moises Serrano, AD Tenn, Erinie Yousief


Ana De La Rosa: Second year graduate student in the Health Advocacy program.

“I see myself in this role when I refuse to silently witness injustice. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have moments of hesitation, or regard for my safety but at some point I made a commitment to not be a silent witness.”

What is something you’d like to teach a class in? I’d like to teach a course called “I’m not the 101”- where we discuss all the ways I am not the one and how to recognize and address those moments. Takes her coffee: With cream or soy milk, no sugar, and lots of love.

Moises Serrano: Second year. Concentration in Public Policy.

“I consider myself an agent of change mostly through initiating tough dialogue around marginalized identities. A few of which I have categorized myself under. So therefor I became an open book.  Before others can understand my story, I needed to start sharing it. Thus, my journey as a storyteller was born.” 
What inspires you? If I don’t listen to “Euphoria” by Loreen twice, every morning, then I cannot properly function. Her live performance at X Factor Romania and live at Allsang på Grensen. Her voice is absolutely stunning. Its coffee for my soul. Takes his actual coffee: Black, no milk. A little bit of sugar, over ice preferably.

Ayanna Harris: Junior. Focus in Music and Child Development.

I see the way that these conversations really challenge people to face their discomfort and start talking about the issues that they often avoid.” 

Something you’d Like to teach a course in?:I’d LOVE to teach a course on the word NO. How to say it, how to receive it and so forth. I feel like people just don’t know the value of that word anymore… Takes her coffee: with sugar. But I mainly drink tea now (Irish breakfast is my fav!) sans cream or sugar.

AD Tenn: Second year concentrating in Writing and Gender Studies. Currently enrolled in Intensive Semester in Yonkers.

“Being a change agent means something different for everybody but for me it means a couple things: actively participating in dialogue, refusing to get complacent, feeling able to make mistakes, and (probably most importantly) listening to other people’s experiences.”

What is a Sarah Lawrence memory that makes you proud? One of my favorite experiences here was attending the event for Transgender Day of Remembrance last year.  It was a really beautiful vigil, with candles and spoken names of trans people who had been killed within the past year. What inspires you each morning? Beyoncé. The power of community and love, I think, when it comes to reminding myself of why activist work is important to me. Takes their coffee: Not at all! (Except with 3/4 milk and sugar.)

Erinie Yousief: Second year concentrating in politics.

“For now, I hope to cause change by making sure my daily life always reflects my politics….I hope to speak out as often as possible whenever injustices take place around me and to make sure that more of my money goes to the systemic benefit of others.”

What is your proudest SLC moment? Last year, I finished a conference project that deconstructed the satire of Charlie Hebdo and the completion of that project is, so far, my proudest Sarah Lawrence memory. The paper encompasses a lot of important topics that interest me (Middle-Eastern/European relations, religion, race, faux liberalism, revolution, linguistics, etc.) and Dr. Donzelli’s dedication to the project definitely made all the late nights of research and writing worth it. I should mention though that I managed to climb up the Bates Hill with two feet of snow and ice on the ground (and without the right shoes!) — that memory definitely makes a close second in terms of “proudest SLC memory.” Takes her coffee: With milk and a spoonful of sugar!

If you’d like to learn more information, or keep up with Real Talk’s calendar, email at and follow on Social Media!


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