10 Internet Resources for Anti-Racist Allies

by Lizza Rodriguez 

1. Poem – “How we Forget” by Loyce Gayo

  1. Book- Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Davis
  1. Website- Mapping Police Violence
  1. Article, Latina.com- “Dear Kylie..
  1. Organization-  Get involved: Hudson Valley Community Coalition , Donate 
  1. Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation between Audre Lorde and James Baldwin
  1. Article- “A Question of Environmental Racism in Flint”, New York Times

8. Song- “Black Rage” by Lauryn Hill

  1. Black Lives Matter ATL- The Mandate: Call in Response
  1. Video- Dangers of the Black Moderate/ Kat Blaque, Internet Activist/Social Media Influencer




Lizza Rodriguez is senior at Sarah Lawrence College, with a particular academic focus in the African Diaspora. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, yet strictly Dominican, Lizza has made a home of New York and her campus community.  If you liked or learned something from this article, please consider paying her



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