Past Editors

Carolyn-Martinez Class studies creative writing, public policy and political science at Sarah Lawrence. She appreciates when her name is properly pronounced (roll the “r) and hyphenated. While Carolyn’s focus is often on immigrant justice, she has an opinion on just about everything!

I’m Kate Mcguire. I’m from maine and I’m concentrating in international relations. I started getting involved with DAPS my first year when I realized that i’m really passionate about building and being a part of a supportive, inclusive community. In between classes and searching for the perfect cup of coffee, I’m a member of SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) here on campus and have been involved in work with a variety of social justice issues. Like many of my co-editors, I am also very much here to learn and can’t wait for you all to join the conversation!

My name is Shamolie, I’ll be one of the editors and contributors this year for Even If Your Voice Shakes SLC. I’m a freshman from Gurgaon, India; currently interested in studying psychology and music. I come from a country where the rights of women and the LGBT community are a major cause for concern. I believe that suspicion and hatred stem from ignorance and a lack of proper education. So this year, I hope that with the help of this blog, I can help to not only educate myself about issues I know nothing about, but also spread awareness on campus. As the other editors mentioned, don’t be afraid to speak up and let us know which issues interest you! I look forward to interacting with you all and hearing what you have to say.

I’m Karen, one of the editors and contributors for “Even If Your Voice Shakes”. I’m a sophomore from Hong Kong / Mainland China currently studying as much as I can about China – and yeswill spend hours with you talking about Mao (that is, assuming you want to.) Being an international student at SLC really gives me a lot to think about in terms of culture and nationality, and I’m hoping to open and encourage that conversation here. Echoing Adriana, equally important is the chance to educate myself as well, so please speak up about whatever issues you care about! Let us know. We are interested, and we also care- a lot!

Hello Readers, my name is AD, one your “Even If Your Voice Shakes” editors and contributors. I’m 5’1, concentrating in writing, and passionate about pizza. This year, I hope to bring you stories and essays that reflect my own struggles with identity and encourage those of you with stories of your own to submit to this blog. Whether it’s race or gender oriented, class or creed, personal or public, know that your voice matters. With that said, I will always be in the process of educating myself. I’m not afraid of being wrong, so please let me—and the other editors—know when we do mess up. We’re here to listen to you. And if there’s ever a particular topic of discussion that maybe you feel you cannot write about yourself but do want discussed here, tell us about it. We’ll make it a priority of ours that whatever you’re passionate about gets a seat at the table.